Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another week gone

Well another week has gone, I've had a lovely quite week this week yet it seems like I have been really busy,I have been jumping from learning SRE to doing some of my hand stitching, I haven't even touched the quilt I'm doing for my granddaughter or the other two UFOs I have to finish hand quilting, the first is a golly one it is an appliqued design. The other one is all different flower squares which I hand embroidered with a floral square between each stitchery, I did double up on mine with the intention of using it next winter on our bed.
Thankyou Sarah for nominating me and thankyou girls for visiting my new blog.
Happy stitching and stay safe.

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Jo in Tas said...

Hi Isabella,
Welcome to the blogoverse! I'm a Tassie blogger too, hope to see some photos of your projects.